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Timor – Swizz Beatz ft Chris Brown & Ludacris Every Birthday Choreo


I think it’s important to put the feeling I get when I listen to music into the choreography I create to it. The music tells you what to do. Dance is the rhythm that you feel when you listen to music. For me that’s the kick of a choreography. Although sometimes it depends on the type of choreo I make. Every small detail makes a huge difference in each choreo. But in my opinion, the secret to a good choreography is to keep it simple and clean. I want to share the true feeling and passion dancing brings with my students. The world of dance is an adventure. Through my classes and choreographies I will take you on my personal journey.

October 9th 2013 was my Bday and I decided to make this video as a gift from me to my fans. I hope this video will still put a smile on their face, knowing this gift came straight from me. Follow your DREAMS and do what you LOVE. Thats what I’m doing.  Here’s a choreography on Swizz Beatz, Chris brown & Ludacris’ Every Birthday track.