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Check out this video!

Jane Zhang – Forever


I think it’s important to put the feeling I get when I listen to music into the choreography I create to it. The music tells you what to do. Dance is the rhythm that you feel when you listen to music. For me that’s the kick of a choreography. Although sometimes it depends on the type of choreo I make. Every small detail makes a huge difference in each choreo. But in my opinion, the secret to a good choreography is to keep it simple and clean. I want to share the true feeling and passion dancing brings with my students. The world of dance is an adventure. Through my classes and choreographies I will take you on my personal journey.

After my first meeting with the Chinese Pop Star Jane Zhang, I knew right away that we needed to work together. The excitement that she had, the focus and ambition to make this video next level gave me energy and made me excited to work with her. I could tell that she was very on top of her stuff and a perfectionist. I was really happy that she gave me the freedom to challenge her and push her to her limits.

When I started choreographing I wanted to give her some nice memorable grooves and give it a twist with some modern moves and contemporary lines to fit the look that the director had in mind. What made the music video really come alive was that I had some of the best dancers in this industry, that will kill any sort of choreography you will put on their path (meaning they are all round dance all stars!).